Modern facial skin rejuvenation methods and procedures

a girl with a rejuvenated face

Time does not spare the female beauty, wrinkles gradually appear on the face, the skin ages and shrinks. Modern methods of facial skin rejuvenation can significantly slow down the aging process. The choice of one of the methods depends directly on the financial possibilities, as well as on the type and condition of the skin. Therefore, it is not possible to do this without the advice of an experienced specialist.

The most popular methods of facial skin reconstruction

There are many ways to combat aging today. Among them, the following non-surgical facial skin rejuvenation procedures are especially popular:

  • laser therapy,
  • plasma therapy,
  • photo rejuvenation,
  • mesotherapy,
  • thermage

Each of these methods has its own characteristics that every woman needs to know.

Laser therapy

laser skin rejuvenation procedure

Numerous studies and experiments have shown that a laser beam can penetrate deep into the skin without damaging it. Separate facial facial skin rejuvenation from laser.

In the fractional method, the laser beam penetrates the layers of the skin not in a single stream, but in the form of a grid represented by a large number of micro-rays. This activates the natural skin regeneration process.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation is just a treatment of the upper layers of the skin that removes old cells. This improves blood circulation and metabolism, increases the elasticity of facial skin.

Laser therapy is in demand because it is painless, effective and does not cause complications.

Plasma therapy

plasma therapy for facial skin rejuvenation

This method is a series of subcutaneous injections. In this case, it is not the various excipients that are introduced, but their own blood plasma. Treatment with this method is not recommended for all patients. The decisive factor is the quality of the blood composition, so a blood test is needed first.

If the results of the analysis are good, then plasma therapy is given, the facial skin is rejuvenated in this case due to the introduction of platelet-rich plasma under the skin. Such plasma is obtained from the patient's blood, which is taken from him on an empty stomach and then processed in a special centrifuge that separates the blood fractions.

Subcutaneous plasma promotes the growth and regeneration of skin cells, so the face can stay young for a long time.

Photo rejuvenation

facial skin rejuvenation procedure

You can restore youth with the help of light pulses, which help smooth out age wrinkles, remove age spots and non-aesthetic acne, as well as regenerate damaged skin cells.

Pulses of light are thought to most likely promote facial rejuvenation. Different types of recovery methods usually take longer.


mesotherapy for facial skin rejuvenation

Currently, mesotherapy, which involves the administration of special drugs and substances under the skin, is not losing its popularity. In this case, the selection of materials is done individually. In most cases, the main component of injections is hyaluronic acid, various vitamins for facial rejuvenation, as well as useful minerals and trace elements.

Very thin needles are used to avoid pain to the patient. In some cases, an anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure.

Mesotherapy has been shown to fight not only aging but also other skin defects such as pigmentation, scarring.


thermal rejuvenation of facial skin

Modern methods of rejuvenating facial skin also include radio frequency radiation called thermography. Due to the effects of such rays on the skin, it heats up. Elevated temperature stimulates collagen formation processes, accordingly skin cells regenerate and the face becomes young and refreshed.

A significant advantage of Thermage is that it has no contraindications, its procedures are painless, leave no traces and can not cause various allergic reactions.

To summarize

Many scientists are convinced that the secrets of facial rejuvenation lie in the oxygenation of skin cells, so they have developed a method of rejuvenation such as ozone therapy, which consists of the introduction of ozone under the skin. Carboxytherapy is based on a more complex principle, but it provides a similar effect. For prophylactic purposes, it is recommended to use an oil for facial rejuvenation, which will allow you not to use complicated cosmetic procedures ahead of time.

Every year, the beauty industry invents and brings to market increasingly sophisticated and modern ways to rejuvenate facial skin, so women need to constantly update their knowledge in this field and not get lost in this diversity.