Fractional thermolysis: detailed description of the laser skin rejuvenation procedure, indications

woman after a little rejuvenation of the facial skin

You can’t stay forever young. There comes a moment in every woman’s life when the first signs of aging appear on her face. And then the question arises of how to find effective methods to combat age-related change. There are many ways to get rid of wrinkles. Thanks to modern laser technology, skin improvement is becoming a reality.

Fractional thermolysis is gaining popularity. By looking at the photos on the websites of aesthetic medicine clinics, you can see how vividly the photos differ before and after the procedure. Laser treatment not only rejuvenates the face. It is an opportunity to get rid of many skin imperfections. Fraxel is in demand both among young girls and among older women.

The essence of fractional thermolysis

Laser skin rejuvenation has long been known. For the first time, such procedures became possible with the creation of the American company. The innovation was introduced in 2004. The partial laser model was named Fraxel. Since then, the device and its analogues have gained a worthy place in the market. For example, almost any clinic can offer partial CO2 rejuvenation using a carbon dioxide laser. - synonymous. This is not entirely true, but in general the principle of operation of the laser, regardless of the apparatus used, remains unchanged.

The rays directed at the surface of the skin penetrate through the upper sphere. They have a high temperature (regulated by a beautician). Old cells in the depths are burned. Microthermal healing zones are formed. Activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Regeneration accelerates. If you take a photo of your face before the start of the sessions and take a photo at the end of the course, you will see how rejuvenated your skin looks younger.

The so-called DOT technology is a powerful impulse that activates the natural mechanisms responsible for the regeneration of skin tissues. The procedure first identifies natural processes, so the effect lasts for a very long time. This is a trump card for partial thermolysis.

Is the laser exposure the same in all cases?

fractional skin rejuvenation procedure

It is the responsibility of the beautician to choose the right method. Fractional thermolysis is ablative and non-ablative. The first is softer. The second is distinguished by the penetration of the laser into the depths. Consider both options.

Ablative type of fractional thermolysis

The purpose of the procedure is to renew the epidermis. Erbium laser exposure is performed only in the top layer. Penetration depth up to 4 mm. This allows you to smooth out shallow wrinkles, make the terrain smoother.

Non - ablation laser action

In this case, the update takes place internally. The laser penetrates 5-7 mm. Cells that succumb to stress die. They are replaced by young and healthy. The processes that take place in the lower layers of the skin ultimately improve the appearance of the face. This method is effective for deep wrinkles.

Sometimes it is necessary to combine two types of laser treatment. In some cases, it is recommended to enhance the effect by using biorevitalization. Thus the tissues are nourished and moisturized. An integrated approach significantly improves performance.

The advantages of the procedure, which determine its popularity

More and more women are preferring laser rejuvenation. The main reasons are high efficiency and minimal sensitivity of the skin to injuries. The integrity of the epidermis is preserved. And at the same time, the laser penetrates deep into the skin tissue. Renewal occurs at the cellular level. The appearance in the photo before and after a visit to the beautician makes a huge difference. Many women believe that partial thermolysis is a suitable alternative to plastic. There is a certain truth in that.

This technique has its advantages:

  1. it does not take much time to recover after classes;
  2. laser treatment of the skin does not cause pain;
  3. the effects are lasting and long-lasting;
  4. the effect is equally suitable for different skin types;
  5. the laser is harmless to even the most sensitive areas;
  6. you do not have to follow strict restrictions after the procedure;
  7. the risk of side effects is minimal.

Like surgery, the laser coating improves the appearance of the skin. But if the first method is radical, then the second is very gentle. Moreover, in terms of efficiency, it is practically not inferior. Fractional thermolysis can solve more problems than contoured plastic.

You can achieve the following results with a laser:

  • smooth out fine lines;
  • smooth out deep wrinkles;
  • solving the problem of enlarged couples;
  • make the skin elastic;
  • tighten the oval of the face;
  • get rid of stretch marks;
  • restore lost epidermal elasticity;
  • smooth the surface relief;
  • remove age spots;
  • remove marks after acne;
  • protect the skin from photoaging;
  • improve face color;
  • smooth out old scars;
  • restore tissue structure.

Laser thermal lifting even solves the problem of sagging skin. The contour of the face noticeably tightens after the procedures. Of course, no drastic changes should be expected after the first session. One trip to the beautician can remove only minor defects. The more serious the correction required, the more procedures will be assigned. The exact number of them, as well as the strength of the impact, is determined by a specialist. The expected effect usually occurs after 3-6 sessions. The interval between them is from 3 weeks to a month.

Contraindications to laser therapy

skin before and after partial rejuvenation

There are circumstances that lead to the abandonment of partial thermolysis. With all the desire to rejuvenate the face with a laser, hasty action is unreasonable. You must first find out if there are any contraindications. The procedure is prohibited:

  • during pregnancy;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • moments of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • with acute respiratory infections;
  • if the problem of blood clotting is not ruled out;
  • there are many moles on the face;
  • there are painful spots on the surface of the skin;
  • pressure spikes occur;
  • it is not possible to give up many medicines for some time;
  • age up to 16 years.

To avoid various complications, it is necessary to take into account the list of contraindications.

Possible side effects

Any effect on the skin causes a certain reaction. Despite the fact that the fractional thermolysis procedure is done for good, in some cases you have to experience unpleasant moments at first.

The following phenomena are possible after partial exposure:

  • swelling;
  • redness;
  • peeling;
  • crust;
  • pigmentation.

Skin sensitivity may increase immediately after a session. Like the consequences mentioned above, this is a natural reaction to the procedure. This vulnerability disappears in a few days. When the skin calms down after laser treatment, the result is visible. Proper maintenance will speed up recovery.

Procedure algorithm

skin after fractional rejuvenation

Women who decide to undergo partial thermolysis will be interested to know exactly what awaits them during the session. The beautician should perform the following steps:

  1. Preliminary facial cleansing. Removes dirt and traces of cosmetics;
  2. Application of anesthetic material. A cream of special composition is used as anesthesia;
  3. Treatment of the intended impact areas with a non-slip gel;
  4. Direct procedure. The duration depends on the initial condition of the skin and the area to be treated;
  5. Disinfection and nutrition. Apply a special product that soothes irritated skin.

After completing all manipulations, the specialist will inform you of further behavior. There will be no restrictions that will greatly affect your normal lifestyle. However, some things still need to be considered.

Recommendations and prohibitions for the recovery period

After laser therapy, the skin needs special care. Creams with SPF filters (at least 30-50) will come to the rescue. It is good to make restorative masks. Be sure to apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream to your face.

To avoid damaging the effect, you should follow these recommendations for a while:

  1. Avoid strenuous exercise for the first 2-3 days;
  2. Do not visit the sauna, bath, nor take a steam bath in the bath for at least two or three weeks;
  3. Refrain from peeling for a month, as well as from the use of aggressive products;
  4. Avoid exposing your face to direct sunlight. It takes two or three weeks to limit skin contact with ultraviolet light;
  5. Abstain from alcohol during rehabilitation.

Failure to follow the rules is a logical act. If a woman does not agree to take care of her skin after a session, then why go to such a procedure at all? Every insurance has a reason. For example, a sauna can delay the recovery period. Hot air and steam can disrupt the ongoing upgrade process. And the redness will disappear from the face much longer than expected.

Another example is a rush to the beach or solarium. If you are impatient to sunbathe, you run the risk of getting hypo- or hyperpigmentation instead of a beautiful face.

None of the restrictions last longer than a month. So why not endure such a short period of attractiveness for a year or even two?

To maintain the result, follow the rule of using only quality skin care products. This applies to both make-up and hygiene products. Try choosing creams with vitamins A, E, P, C. Consider the beneficial effects of hyaluronic acid on the skin. Very good if it is included in the daily use product.

Too much caution, is it necessary?

before and after the partial rejuvenation procedure

Not all women readily agree to partial thermolysis, even knowing all of its benefits. Yes, the method is really gentle and the chances of side effects are minimal. However, a responsible approach to planning such rejuvenation is a key condition for a successful outcome.

Choose your clinic carefully

Of course, wherever you go, you will be sure of the professionalism of the beauticians. They will also show photos of women who have been able to use the clinic’s services. You can verify the accuracy of the information provided. An indicator of success is positive customer feedback. By the way, a reputable clinic always has a large client base.

Sit in a chair only by an experienced beautician

Don’t let another learn from your face. The speed of laser movement is important during heat exposure to the skin. Slowness causes consequences such as burns.


It is also important to clarify all the circumstances during the prior consultation. A specialist should ask about your health condition. You cannot hide information. Laser skin treatment can be performed only in the absence of contraindications.

Thanks to modern technology, even in old age, it is quite possible to look like in a photo. Fractional thermolifting is one of the most effective procedures. Just a few sessions and you’ll show up in front of the mirror for a new look.

And while such rejuvenation isn’t a cheap pleasure, you don’t have to run to a beauty salon often. The result lasts for a very long time. For more than a year, you don’t have to worry about repetitive procedures. In some cases, the appearance of the skin does not deteriorate within two years.

More and more women around the world are choosing partial laser treatment as the safest and most reliable way to restore the skin’s natural beauty. Will you be in this group - decide for yourself!